Taking ownership of our culture and minting
it on the blockchain

We’ve seen a lot of different animal PFPs and some more than we care to remember.  It’s now time we have a PFP that resonates with US and celebrates our culture.


Price: 57 MATIC ($80 USD)

What is this project about?

For The Culture was created for one reason- to celebrate us.  We are a NFT project of 2,021 (commemorating the year Juneteenth became a federal holiday in the US) unique PFPs (profile pictures) inspired by black anime art styles such as The Boondocks.  As we dive deeper into the metaverse and blockchain technology it is apparent the we are still underrepresented in this space.  Our motivation is to provide a PFP that the mainstream collector could adopt as their actual profile picture and/or metaverse avatar without the concern for the cultural appropriation and subtle racial undertones of other PFP projects we’ve encountered in this space. 

For The Culture is unique in that we designed our project specifically with the African diaspora in mind, with 9 different shades of melanin we hope that every collector finds a PFP that resonates or resembles them.  By designing our avatars with tshirts we are able to lower the initial minting price allowing more first time collectors but also giving them the opportunity to “change clothes” in the future to further customize the avatar to their individual personality. 

For The Culture intends to inspire more mainstream adoption to the NFT space.  Just like the early adoption of cryptocurrencies in the beginning, it wasn’t until more everyday people invested that we saw the amount of value increase that we’ve seen in 2021.  The more adopters that enter the NFT space the more resilient and stable it will be. 

What’s great about NFTs is that instead of just investing in a coin and waiting for the value to increase, you now get a digital artwork to appreciate, admire, and showcase while that artwork potentially appreciates in value. 

With plans to develop future partnerships with IRL (in real life) brands and social influencers, we aim to build a diverse and inviting community where members can gain knowledge about other NFT projects as well as the future of cryptocurrency as a whole.

This is only the beginning of what’s to come with cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, and For The Culture.

What is an NFT?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets that in the real world represent the ownership of objects like art, music, video clips, in-game items, and more. NFTs have been around since 2013 but have gained more popularity in recent years as a way to buy and sell digital art. Non-fungible means that the objects are unique, as such cannot easily be replaced. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, NFTs cannot be traded or exchanged for another. Although they all use the same kind of programming, a NFT is much different. Even if the same blockchain technology is used that powers cryptocurrencies, NFTs do not act as normal currency. Each NFT has a digital signature that prevents one NFT to be exchanged for or equal to another.

How do NFTs work?

NFTs function on a blockchain, more specifically For The Culture is on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is also a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. The Ethereum blockchain along with other blockchains supports NFTs which can store extra information. The ownership of NFTs is exclusive meaning that there can only be one owner at a time. They have unique data that makes it extremely easy to verify and trace the owner as anyone can review the blockchain.

How to buy a NFT

To begin you will need to get a digital cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet will allow you to deposit the NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Depending on which cryptocurrency the NFT provider has asked for, you will need to purchase them and store them in your wallet. Cryptocurrencies can be bought using credit cards or PayPal.

Please check out this video walk through.

The Vision

Check out our Blackpaper here.

Future Project Plans

  • Developing continuation NFT collection consisting of 10K+ 3D PFP project with plans to partner with existing black owned businesses to onboard them into NFTs/web 3.0. Current holders will be granted a presale spot.
  • Collaborating with BIPOC artist to create exclusive NFT airdrops to continue giving back to our collectors and supporting our artist in the space.
  • Future snapshot will be used to create founding members of the Greenwood Hustle Club’s future self-directed investment club where we will host discussions and provide notifications about different US stocks, crypto, NFT, and other business opportunities to keep members informed so they can make individual investment and financial decisions.
  • Developing Greenwood District inspired metaverse world designed to offer easier barrier to entry to black businesses trying to enter web 3.0

Community Impact Plans

  • Hosting live events to cater to both black businesses and/or the “non-collector” consumer target audience presenting ways to adopt NFTs in real world use cases.
  • Creating educational content for on demand learning of web 3.0 topics for both adult and youth in our under served communities.
  • Campaigning for more education and pursuit of technology and coding to produce more black developers to help build and represent in the early stages of the industry.


Got more questions about For The Culture NFT? Check the frequently asked questions below.

For The Culture NFT will be available to mint right here on our website. In order to purchase, you will need to create a Metamask wallet and deposit polygon cryptocurrency.

Each NFT will be available for the initial price of 67 MATIC.

For The Culture NFT will launch with a limited number of NFTs in March 2022. Follow us on Twitter for the official launch announcement.

For The Culture NFT will have a limited supply of 2,021 NFTs available to mint.

Yes, our NFTs do have rarities but we really focus on what characteristics you gravitate towards.  We want you to find and hold your forever PFP.

For The Culture NFTs are an ERC-721 token developed on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.

Yes, For The Culture NFTs are hand drawn traits that are randomly computer generated to create each NFT uniquely.

Yes, when minting is opened to the public you will be able to mint right here on our website.